Operator comfort has always been a New Holland design priority. T7000 tractors take comfort to class beating levels. Over an ISO standardised bump test track, the T7000 delivers a 13 to18% smoother ride than its competition.

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Pleasure from a smooth ride

Automatic two-stage Comfort Ride ™ cab suspension reduces shocks reaching the operator by 25%. The T7000 cab has been designed for suspension from the outset with dampers placed in the perfect location. With no design compromises T7000 simply delivers higher comfort levels.

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A smoother ride with Terraglide II™ suspension

When Terraglide II™ front axle suspension is specified, comfort reaches new levels. The active suspension controls ride by using an accelerometer. Also incorporated is anti-dive logic (utilised when braking hard) and anti-squat logic. This prevents excessive suspension movement when lifting heavy three point linkage implements. Terraglide II™ front axle suspension is arguably the most advanced on the market.

Auto Comfort™ seat does what it says
Vehicle ride is continuously monitored by a position sensor inside the seat. Based on terrain inputs, the damper unit adjusts automatically by using a specialised magnetic fluid. The viscosity of the fluid can be changed in milliseconds, varying the damping rate.

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