As a result of using a number of key elements based around well-proven components, New Holland T7000 tractors have dependability built-in. New advanced engineering techniques build upon this to bring you the very best in modern tractor design. New Holland – setting new standards of reliability.

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Leak-free hydraulics

Flat face hydraulic connectors considerably reduce the chance of oil leaks. Premium quality seals keep out contaminants. Hydraulic oil temperature has been significantly reduced over previous and competitive models to deliver consistent performance and a reliable system.

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Most reliable cooling system

Dynamic fluid flow engineering is employed to keep T7000 tractors operating at optimum temperatures. The advanced cooling system helps ensure engine, hydraulic and transmission operating temperatures are tightly controlled - in even the hottest environments. Service access is still simple and completed without any tools.

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“T7000 – One step ahead from the others”

“The main positive aspect of the T7000 is reliability (…). The tractor always gives very good results and this, combined with its comfort and performance, makes the T7000 a machine that provides high productivity results.”
Antonio Pini - Farmer - Italy (a long term field test user.)

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Reducing complexity

Advanced CAN-BUS electronics reduce wiring complexity and make any fault diagnosis easier. Magnetic contact less sensors have no moving parts to wear.

Active Power Command ™ transmission defines durable
Using established components and proven designs, these transmissions are as tough as they come, with modern software to fully optimise control.

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